IH Young Environmentalist Project, 2° round

Si è da poco concluso il 2° round del progetto IH Young Environmentalists organizzato da International House World a cui ha partecipato Giorgia, una studentessa del nostro corso di inglese Teens Upper-Intermediate.

Un progetto internazionale che ha rappresentato un’opportunità unica per avvicinarsi alle tematiche ambientali e fare network con partecipanti di altri paesi usando l’inglese per comunicare.

This year I had the opportunity to dedicate my time to this project. 

The word to describe what I’ve learned is GREEN: green as the the color of plants, green as the hope of returning to a world without environmental problems, green as many vegetables and a part of the biodiversity that guarantees us survival on this planet every day and green like the lifestyle we should follow everyday.

Thanks to IH I understood how we are killing our home but my awareness is not enough each of us must save this set of colors, scents and experiences that are found in OUR home.

Let’s try to save now what we could lose and regret in the future considering the bad things that happen every day.

To conclude, I just want to say THANK YOU because in such a complicated period anyway I developed my passion for the English language, I learned to appreciate our environment more and to believe that together we will be able to save it.

Giorgia Gianfreda, Teens Upper-Intermediate 2A

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