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Test di inglese

Scopri il tuo livello di conoscenza della lingua inglese

Il test è composto da 55 domande a scelta multipla (una sola corretta) che permetteranno di valutare la tua conoscenza della grammatica e del vocabolario.

Una volta inseriti i dati nel modulo qui sotto avrai a disposizione 20 minuti per rispondere alle domande.

Dopo aver terminato il test riceverai una email di conferma, dopodiché verrai contattato dalla nostra reception per organizzare il colloquio con l’insegnante (in una delle nostre sedi oppure al telefono).

Ti ricordiamo che per valutare in modo corretto il tuo livello di inglese sono necessari sia il test scritto che la parte orale.


English test

Find out your English level

The test is made up of 55 multiple choice questions (only one correct) which will allow you to evaluate your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Once you have entered the data in the form below you will have 20 minutes to answer the questions.

After finishing the test you will receive a confirmation email, after which you will be contacted by our reception to organize the interview with the teacher (in one of our schools or by phone).

We remind you that to correctly evaluate your level of English, both the written test and the oral part are necessary.

*Nome e Cognome | Name and Surname
Telefono/cellulare (opzionale) | Telephone/cell phone (optional)
*Sono maggiorenne (Sì/No) | *I am an adult (Yes/No)
*Il corso sarà finanziato da un’azienda? Se sì indica quale. | *Will the course be financed by a company? If yes, indicate which one.
*Dove vorresti fare il corso (Milano/San Donato/online)? | *Where would you like to take the course (Milan/San Donato/online)?
1) Where ____ from?
2) I ____ to the cinema every Friday.
3) My husband usually ____ home at about 6.
4) Where ____ ?
5) Take an umbrella - ____ !
6) Paola can ____ three languages.
7) I ____ John when I was at the bank.
8) ____ like coffee now or later?
9) How ____ people went to the conference?
10) This model is ____ that one.
11) I ____ in Milan since 1985.
12) What did you ____ ?
13) When I saw him he ____ a letter.
14) Don't phone me tomorrow - ____ to Rome for three days.
15) It's a bit cold. Do you think I ____ take a pullover?
16) If you ____ John this evening, could you give him a message?
17) A: The phone is ringing.
B: Ok, ____ answer it.
18) 2,000 BMW cars ____ every week in this country.
19) ____ go skiing this weekend?
20) When I was a child I ____ leave all my toys on the floor.
21) She ____ me to shut up!
22) I don't like him at all, he's ____ stupid man.
23) No, we didn't meet her. She ____ when we arrived.
24) Would you mind ____ where to find the nearest bank?
25) What's your boss like?
26) If I ____ David's number, I'd phone him.
27) You ____ John in town, he was at my house all day.
28) Excuse me, could you tell me ____ ?
29) Since 1962, Len Deighton ____ 25 books.
30) It was very hot in London, so I ____ have taken my coat.
31) When I met him he ____ there for ten years.
32) By the year 2050, the world population ____ increased dramatically.
33) This dress doesn't suit me. I wish I ____ it.
34) Let's eat. I'm absolutely ____ .
35) I'll never ____ driving on the left.
36) The boy was drowning but his father jumped in the lake and ____ rescue him.
37) When Abraham Lincoln was a boy, no-one thought that one day he ____ become President.
38) ____ there are no unforeseen delays, I’ll see you at about eight o’clock.
39) It was supposed to be a comedy but ____ anyone laughed.
40) ____ their dog looks dangerous, it’s quite affectionate.
41) ____ he not slept so late, he wouldn’t have missed the bus.
42) Never in all my life ____ a film as bad as that!
43) Here's my address. If you're ever in my area, look me ____ .
44) ____ of these two options is very good.
45) Every Christmas of my childhood was the same. My father ____ late for lunch, weighed down with presents for the family.
46) Once she’s ____ a few tears she’ll resign herself to the situation.
47) I tried to explain why I had been delayed but he ____ my excuse as pathetic.
48) Oh it’s you! You really ____ me, jumping out of the shadows like that.
49) There is ____ to be a serious energy crisis in the next century.
50) I’m sorry we gave you such short ____ of our visit.
51) It wasn't a bad crash and ____ damage was done to the car.
52) I'd rather you ____ to her why we can't go.
53) Before making a decision, the leader considered all ____ of the argument.
54) When I realised I had dropped my gloves, I decided to ____ my steps.
55) Anne's house is somewhere in the ____ of the railway station.

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