Considerazioni sul lockdown

The lockdown was tough, but gave us the chance to reflect on our lives.

Here are some insightful considerations from Lorenzo, Filippo, Paolo, Pietro, Cedric and Alessia, from a Teen Upper-intermediate class in San Donato.

Thank you for the inspiration guys, and for working so well this year!

P.S. Braces up!


    In quarantine people that work, and children too, have to organise their day. In this time organising the day is important for all the people, for children and teenagers the school in this period is very difficult to manage, we have a lot of homework and some people have exams too. Organising the school in quarantine is essential because if you don’t send a homework in time you can take bad notes. Then there are the adults, the most time they do smart working, it can be really annoying to stay in front of the computer to much time, so they have to do breaks of 15 minutes maximum to do their works better. Maybe another problem for them are the kids that speak loud: don’t lock them in the basement, give them something to do that can be funny and enjoyable.



    One of the things that I learnt in quarantine, and I think you too, is relaxing. In this period we have a lot of free time and the thing that I first didn’t do too much is relax because I was studying for my exam. Relaxing is the most important thing to do in this period so you don’t get nervous about all this situation. You can do this by reading a book or go for a walk, with all the precautions. Even if we have time to relax, we continue to focus on our study or work and don’t spend all the time to do other things that make you relax. You need to separate the time in two times: working and relaxing.


    One of the most important things we have learnt during the quarantine is probably to watch our hygiene, because the virus spreads better in a space without hygiene. An example of this is washing our hands often every time we come back home and always wear a mask outside. Another thing could be being careful on what we touch outside, for example on the bus or on the subway underground, and bring with us some products like Amuchina or other things that help us keep our body sanitized.


    Quarantine is also a great opportunity to learn new things and improve yourself by doing what you always wanted to do. You have to stay home for a long time, so it’s better for you and for everybody that you make that time as enjoyable and fun as you can! Cooking can be a great hobby and can make this the great occasion to make you come out of the shell of gender stereotypes: the time when your grandma used to cook for you and you whole family after a long day of “men work” is already ended. We’re in 2020 and whatever gender you identify won’t stop you from trying to make a great apple pie for your kids or your parents! Not a “cooking guy”? Well then gardening is the choice for you: tomatoes, potatoes, carrots or even some colorful flowers. Every kind of plant on your balcony or near your window will let you achieve that feeling of satisfaction, and of coming at the end of a day with something done that you’ve been missing so much!


    The distance can be a big obstacle for relationships and friendships, but even with this obstacle, you can hear others using technology. We are very lucky to have technology in our days: it doesn’t only entertain us, but it allows us to hear or get to know people from a distance. But don’t forget that we have our family too: try to spend the lost time with them and remember that every moment can be an opportunity.


    During the everyday life before the quarantine, we have always taken things for granted. greeting someone was granted for everyone, it was a normal action. Thanks to this period people have understood that actions like kissing, greeting, hugging or simply saying “hello” to a friend are really important. In fact, in these months, we are missing so many of these daily things. I’m sure that when everything will return to normality, every time that we meet someone, we will appreciate every moment.

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